Shadow Bringer

The illusive man himself


DM only


The founder of the sect known as The Black Hand. Little is known about the true origins of the man known as the Shadow Bringer. The most reputable sources trace his first appearance to around 897 YK when he broke away from the Order of the Emerald Claw. It is believed he was one of King Kaius’s original court mages who learned the dark arts of necromancy from the priestess of Vol. In text describing the creation of Karrnath’s undead army during the Last War, minor referances are made to one court mage who was responsible for much of the innovation in creating undead weapons unseen in the land prior too. There is some debate on this as there is no evidence to attach the name “Shadow Bringer” to any of the original court mages.
In his time with the Emerald Claw, which was very short, documented to be no more than a year or two, the Shadow bringer makes several appearances as a knightly leader and commander in several conflicts who’s battles are recorded in Karrnath’s history during the time when the kingdom still employed the Emerald Claw as a legitimate agency. Its unclear why, but this is the last time the name Shadow Bringer is associated with the Emerald Claw.

Shadow Bringer

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