A stoic and violent Disciple of the Shadow Bringer.


Stats Pending:Str 16, Dex 12, Con 14, Int 10, Wis 10, AC:11, AP:80, HP:52
Saves, Fort:7, Ref:2, Wil:2, Base Atk: +9, Avg Dmg:21
Class: Crusader Race: Warforge
Weapon: Vicious Greatsword
Feats: Adamantine Armor, Power Attack, *Retribution, *Iron Will, *Lady’s Gambit
*: Future feats


The truth about this man has become enveloped in a shroud of doubt and rumor. His early history was well documented and quite ordinary. He was forged and sold to Karrnath in 967 YK, and rose to moderate prominence. When serving in a campaign in 972 he disappeared, and emerged 3 years later a maddened wanderer. Rarely speaking, if he did it was a precursor of violence.

After returning he earned a reputation servant of madness, bringing death and destruction to those he sought, high profile politicians and generals. He was never seen traveling, he would appear after dusk and disappear before dawn. There was always upheaval in the wake, and no one would see him for months. No one knew if he was just mad or if he served a dark agenda.

Before his disappearance he appeared as any other Warforged, a shining marvel of technology. He was created in a masculine form, one that dominated most men in height and just as powerful a physique. Covered in a battle worn shell of adamantine, though it was scarred and dirty it held a unique and gory beauty. He maintained it daily, checking for the most minute flaw and seeing to its repair.

That was the only the only characteristic that he retained after returning. His form was a twisted shadow of what it once was when he finally appeared. His armor was scarred black, as if burned repeatedly and the soot infused with the metal. It was dull as the walls of a fireplace, only when direct light hit it did it give a weak gleam. The once strong and vibrant darkwood limbs that formed his muscles and inner workings were now shrunken and pitted, almost diseased. Despite the decrepit appearance, there was still tremendous strength underlying every movement. The most chilling factor is what happened to his face. His eyes were the only features on his face, and they were haunting. What would be the left eye was now filled in with more blackened metal, a smooth but noticeable scar. The other eye was now a sunken orb of pale gold, coldly inhuman.


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