Willis Mantooth


“Copper” Dragon shaman 10-HD
Neanderthal (+2 str +2 con -2 wis -2 int)
Dragon creature template (+2str +2con +2cha +1 lvl adjustment)

AC 18 (20 one hand weapon with Buckler) Saves: 9, 2, 3.
STR 19
DEX 12
CON 20
CHA 18

(Buckler, Beetle)
With a command word, you can detach the beetle. Then the beetle takes wing, darting around your body and blocking ranged attacks (as the Deflect Arrows feat, but using the beetle’s Reflex save bonus, not your own). The beetle cannot be ordered to attack, but it defends itself if attacked. Beetle Buckler: CR 1/2; Tiny vermin; HD 1d8; hp 4; Init +6; Spd 10 ft., fly 40 ft. (good); AC 24 (touch 18, flat-footed 18); Atk –3 melee (1d3–5, bite); Face/Reach 2 1/2 ft. by 2 1/2 ft./0 ft.; SQ Deflect arrows, vermin traits; AL N; SV Fort +2, Ref +6, Will +0; Str 1, Dex 23, Con 10, Int —, Wis 10, Cha 2. Skills and Feats: Hide +14, Listen +4, Move Silently +10, Spot +4. Deflect Arrows (Ex): When detached from its shield position, a beetle buckler darts about in its owner’s space, blocking one ranged attack per round as the Deflect Arrows feat. Vermin Traits: Immune to all mind-influencing effects; dark-vision 60 ft.

Battering Ball
1’ diameter sphere of metal weighing 15 lbs. On command, the sphere launched itself up to 10’ into a solid object, where is makes a Break Object check at +12, then it flies back to its starting point. This action is repeated each round until the object breaks, the sphere is commanded to stop, or a creature gets in its path. In the case of a creature, the sphere stops before hitting it and returns to its starting location.

Rhino Hide
+2d6 on successful charge attack.

Striding Boots
+10’ to movement.


Argonnessen, A land shrouded in mystery, vialed in magic, and wrapped in a blanked of forgotten draconic lore shares little of its secrets. Protected by not only the obvious dragon inhabitants but also by dragon worshiping barbaric hordes using tooth and ax to keep would-be explorers off the north shore. Willis and the culture of his kin are one of the many mysteries so protected. They call themselves the Cobre’ and they have evolved to be hardy survivors, adapted to travel across the many harsh environments of the continent. They have learned how to co-exist with the dragons that rule their sky’s, but it is a tenuous alliance. the Cobre’ don’t get in the dragon’s way and they are allowed to live as they will. Being nomads by nature, they rarely make camp for more than a few days. When they are on the move the Cobre’ travel in great packs or at times in long dense lines almost as a marching army, yet they have no fear of leaving tracks behind, as undergrowth rapidly covers any trail that would be; making them notoriously difficult to find. Cobre’ inspect there young constantly. If any had been small, sickly or misshapen they will be left behind. They look for traits of there dragon descendants, these children become naturally stronger and so trained especially hard. For they are to defend from the Dragon’s that control the island. Such harsh and selective way of living is the only way they can survive so far inland.

Physical Description:

Hairy and thickly built, with long arms and a barrel chest. Brown Dreadlocked hair sprouting out the back like a mushroom top. Braids right to his brow, leaving almost no forehead. Full lips, covering slightly crooked set of thick bone-crushing teeth. 7 foot tall, solid 350 lbs. At first glance you would only think Brute.

Material possessions:
(Rhino hide)


Wile in Argonnessen, Hunting and skinning animal leathers was one of his preferred past times. Just East of the fruit groves is where he happened across an angered, dominant male rhino. After a bit of violence the Beast lay to rest. This was his most prized hide. Before Willis left to take his place in the last war, Chieftain Fahragaut made arrangements for this hide to become a functional, Enchanted hide armor as a gift for his bravery and service to the community.

(Boots of Striding)

All young Cobre’ that become dragon shamans receive special shoes, boots or feet wraps that allow the wearer to move more effectively.

(Buckler, Beetle)

This buckler is actually a Tiny scarab beetle found in Argonnessen. It latches onto the forearm. You must wear the beetle for a full day before the beetle trusts you. Once it’s attuned to its wearer, the beetle buckler is effectively a masterwork buckler.

(Knocking Ball)

Obtained some time after Leaving Argonnessen. Willis took up employment as a sort of Debt collector. More of a Bring them in or get the gold job. Given his Prominent size and idle, aggressive disposition, Willis was quite good at doing this. He eventually left to complete his reason for coming to this land. Again he was granted a “going away gift” for his outstanding service.


History shows Neanderthals to be a feral race of humans. “Primitive” who have never seen the need to become more civilized. He feels insulted that Nature is over looked. Still avidly sleeping outside in the cold and hunting. When in unfamiliar community’s Willis is not quick to trust others, and his respect must be earned. He is willing to work with others, but will not think twice about squeezing the life from your feeble body if he has even the slightest suspicion of betrayal. This distrust is ingrained from his youth. All! “new faces” were Explorers looking for the next place to take over, expand or assimilate to there ways of living. He displays almost no interest in gaining land or great wealth. What drives him is Personal development and the needs of his allies. Although he does have a few material treasures, he can part with them as easily as he obtained them.


To spite the fact most all other Neanderthals are Illiterate and hardly speak words understood well by other races. Willis has grown to know many people and cultures from his adventures. Becoming ever more Charismatic makes him more likable and made him a better speaker. However none the smarter. A complex thought hardly ever crosses his mind.

Willis Mantooth

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