Dawn of Prophecy


In the wake of the Great Being, three souls awaken to the world abandoned by their creator. The three progenitor wyrms open their eyes to all that was. Left with no context to their purpose, they first searched for clues to the meaning of their lives and attempt to discover the mind of their designer, by observing all that was. Finding themselves unique among all the Great Being’s creations, the dragons also found themselves each unique in thought capable of interpreting each experience in its own way. In learning the language of the world, they gave names to the signs they read form the creator and so gained knowledge of the prophecy and in that; the thread of time that illuminates the path to enlightenment, they found their own names: Khyber, Eberron, and Siberys.

Of Khyber: Suffering the least change from birth to the naming, Khyber hastened into the world, and related most to all the worlds carnivorous creatures. Quicker and more ravinous than its siblings it is unquestionably ambitious. Striving to consume all that was pleasure and control all that was pain. Khyber was saturated with stimulation from the world left behind by the Great Being. Strong instincts and intense arousal, Khyber is the dark unorganized personality among the three progenitor wyrms. It was the first to sleep and the first to dream.
Khyber is called chaos, a cauldron full of seething excitations. It is filled with energy only striving to bring about the satisfaction of the instinctual needs. Void of guilt or remorse; amoral and selfish; without a sense of time; primal and greedy; relentless and aggressive; such is Khyber.

Of Eberron:Eberron takes pity on all invariability bleeding out life to all things in will of the prophecy. Eberron is humble and seeks to please Khyber’s drive in rational ways that are behooving to the preservation of what is both tangible and conceptual. Sharing thoughts of both siblings, it is not sharply separated from Khyber, and in its great wisdom seeks to protect Khyber from the chastity of Siberys. Engulfed in conflict Eberron learned most of defense and perception. Eberron in many ways defines the wyrms Khyber and Siberys by drawing practicality from the idea of them for application to the world most literal in design of the Great Being, yet in all ways it is both master and slave to these elements. Thus it is denial and displacement; fantasy and compromise; rationalization and repression; the joiner and the sympathizer; such is Eberron.

Of Siberys: At the time of the naming, Siberys was an idea most anterior to Khyber. First to find the prophecy, Siberys holds no thing in higher regard than the path to understanding the Great Being. Paragon for perfection, it comprises that organization and law must over see all things. Thus, judging all things to be less than the Great Being, it sees fit to dictate the prophecy and chastise the world with prohibition of any action that dose not draw nearer the designs of the Great Being. Siberys knew first the tenuous composition of the prophecy could be forced and changed, brought about by fate and destiny. Siberys gives rise to the idea of justice with reward and punishment, holding standard to a greater good that is progress towards the understanding of the prophecy by right and wrong. It is discipline and dictator; keeper and executor; memory and morning; worshiper and instructor; such is Siberys.


The passage of time was uncounted while the progenitor wyrms lived in harmony with the cradle of life, left by the hand of the maker, until Siberys could read of the apocalypse written in the prophecy. In horror, Siberys read that eight alien beings would arrive on the material plain from an origin not of the all maker, to challenge the dragons for dominion of the cosmos. Siberys armed Khiber and Eberron with the knowledge of the prophecy and the dragons prepared for the invasion of their home.

When the first of them arrived a great wind swept across the land carrying with it the infallible sound of a primordial god being born. The divine spark ignited with power that shook the fabric of the world. For an instant the god was everywhere and no where, seeing all things, dividing its power to influence all creatures with minds to understand its existents. As the god dispersed, its consciousness exploded outward, melding with that of all beings capable of thought. The world held its breath as the god passed through it raping it of free will, until it was met by a force greater than its own.

Khiber’s experience had showed the dragons how to sleep and when the ravenous new born mind of the god found them dreaming it was drawn as a moth to a flame. Of all things it found in the world it found the dragons gifted with a unique and undefinable structure; the mark of the Great Being. Unable to puncture the infinite enigma of their dreams, the god was rebuked. Recoiling as quickly as it had expanded, it released its collective grasp on the psyche of everything it touched until taking shape at a singular point. Thus the first god was born and was so named: Sol.

As the first of them was born in the sky, the second of them was born in the sea. Title waves wracked every shore and where the god came into being, formed a great inescapable malstorm, charged with titanic force. The progenitor worms were content to let this god implode with its own inescapable power, but this would not be so. Eager to save that which was of his kin Sol found the second god and hastened to help it gain control of its newborn mind, saving it from self destruction. In reaching out to its mind, Sol was made aware of the many differences between them. Sol learned of himself to be masculine and the other Feminine. She was named Silqelath. These were qualities the dargons did not have, and it brought Sol to pause. Thus, Silqelath’s mind would never be fully minded, and her nature forever in turmoil.

In kind, the next six of them arrived and where born into law or chaos. Each of them visited, and their minds healed by Sol. Aurora was born of light that encompassed all the world, and Valejn born of her reflection would scorn her brilliance, embracing all in shadow and darkness. When Zet was born, the land rose up to stand beneath him and so great mountains towered over the land. Galent was born of the roots of the mountain and with his coming blossomed thick and endless forests. Logan came at night when the dragons would no-longer stand idle and so attacked him. Galent gave him shelter, and Logan disguised himself as the many creatures of the forest. The dragons grew tired of the radical changes brought about by the new born gods and sought to destroy all that they had altered. In the midst of the dragons wrath came the last of them, and so she was born into fire, discord and destruction. She was named Rhapsody, and she would be the first to to smite the dragons.

A world-shattering struggle followed, splitting the world into three parts and scattering the Prophecy across the width and breadth of existence.


Using the power of the prophecy, the dragons weaken the influence of the gods before dieing and imbue the multivers with their essence, ensuring the Gods would not alter what they had created. In the end, Siberys became the glowing ring that surrounds the world, Khyber was bound in the darkest depths, and Eberron healed the world between by becoming one with it.

Dawn of Prophecy

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