20 Cleric Levels
20 Paladin Levels
18 Deity Ranks
Favored weapon: Spiked Chain
Alignment: Chaotic Good
Portfolio: Light, Beauty, Sun, Wind, Wealth
Worshipers: Humans

Aurora smiles upon the world with radiant light. She is pure chaotic good willing to perpetuate the existence of all good things. Free spirited and maternal Aurora is personified as a woman with gold hair and the gleam of wisdom in her eyes; however she most often appears as a brilliant globe of golden light.

Goddess of beauty, gold and illumination. Aurora is the mother of many creatures whose essence is imbued with light, typically lacking sentience but she also welcomes the worship of all creatures who wish to bask in her radiance. She is also the creator of humans, who she has willed to wonder as the winds to find the company of other gods, yet in their dieing the human soul returns to the light.

Aurora guides her children threw life reminding them of their inevitable return to their creator. A great proprietor of free will, she offers protection without payment however encouraging her sentient followers to chose for themselves the best path to fallow.

Layer Orb: Golden Gail Globe All creatures born within two hundred miles of the Golden Gail Globe gain a +2 permanent racial bonus to charisma and a five foot bonus to all its natural move speeds.


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