20 Levels Scout
20 Levels Shadowcaster
17 Deity Ranks
Favored weapon: ChacromϮ
Symbol: A crescent super imposed over a circle
Alignment: Chaotic Neutral
Portfolio: Moon, Night, Rage, Territory
Worshipers: Changelings, Lycanthropes, Scouts and Rangers

Logan’s alignment is chaotic neutral because of his tendencies to laps into violent and feral behavior, however the majority of the time he is a cold and calculating protector of his people. He desires only the prosperity of his mortal species, and so often gets into territorial disputes with other forms of life that usually lead to open war. On some occasions Logan can be willing to make alliances with other gods so long as he has little to lose from such endeavors. Logan appears in many animal forms including those of magical beasts. He sometimes appears as various Tauric, but is most common form is a Hybrid dragon, with more draconic features, and structure than the half-dragon.

God of the Lycanthropes. His domain fallows the night the moon and the stars. His children are those that can change there form, and in a temporary manner as the phases of the moon not by illusion. Logan favors limbo and chaos.

Followers of Logan worship all forms of the moon, but the two days of special significance are nights of the full moon and new moon. On the dawn of a full moon worshipers of Logan are in a state of euphoria. On this night they are most active as their god invites them to celebrate their vitality. Any energetic activity from mating to killing is carried out in the most violent manner. Participants have been known to engage in drinking until they pass out, eating nearly six times the normal amount, having sex with as many partners as are available, singing or howling at the moon the entire night, going on ravenous killing sprees for no apparent reason other than pure enjoyment or even just running with no real destination in mind only stopping to catch ones breath until the sun rises. Commemorators often enjoy activities together and sometimes more than one activity a night, and each full moon is different, except that the next day is spent mostly sleeping. However the night of the new moon is celebrated much differently. Followers become recluse and reserved avoiding contact with others. New moons are the polar opposite of the Full moon in their silence and complacent passing.

“Alpha” is a sign of respect among worshipers of Logan, similar to Sir or Mrs. One never refers to himself as Alpha. Smith such as Mr. Smith, but an Alpha is someone of high stature or importance. Someone that is called Alpha by others can still use Alpha to address persons he considers superior to him/herself.

Layer Orb: Lunar Essence This glowing white orb of lunar energy grants all lycanthropes within 500 ft. fast healing 10, freedom of movement as the spell, and a +2 on all saves. Lycanthropes out side that range but still within 1000 ft, gain fast healing 1 and +1 on all saves.

Artifact 1: Blood Moon
This +10 ChacramϮ of Chaotic Power, Ghost Touch, Returning, Speed and Wounding, also grants its wielder the ability to cast Blood Moon SiroccoϮ (see below) as a 20th level caster (with only one Blood Moon SiroccoϮ in effect at any given time), and the Control RageϮ ability (see below) both at will. In addition when the weapon is thrown as a full attack action, it can make a number of attacks equal to its wielders granted attacks from their base attack bonus (plus Speed), before returning. For example if your base attack bonus was 16/11/6, you could attack one target four times or four targets one time (with the normal range penalties) as a full attack having the weapon return to you at the end of your full attack action. The Blood Moon ChacramϮ also has the capability to adjust to its wielder’s size there by modifying its damage dice appropriately. In the hands of Logan, it frequently ranges from small to colossal as he appears in his various forms.

Blood Moon SiroccoϮ
Level: 9
Casting time: 1 Standard Action
Range: 180 feet
Effect: Cone-shaped emanation
Duration: 1 round/Level
Saving Throw: Fortitude negates; see text.
Spell Resistance: no

With a ferocious cry and a crack of red lightning, a stifling wind tears across the landscape, kicking up clouds of dust and spreading out to blow over your foes. With ghostly claws the wind itself pulls at their wounds and opens their cuts drawing out life and blood.

A Blood Moon Sirocco blows out from you location with the force of a windstorm (DMG 95). Creatures in the affected area of Small or smaller size are knocked prone and rolled 1d4X10 feet, taking 1d4 points of nonlethal damage per 10 feet. Medium creatures are knocked prone, and creatures of Large or Huge size are unable to move toward the origin point of the cone. A successful fortitude save allows the creature to move normally in that round.
In addition, the ferocious winds attack those within the cone. Each round living creatures within the effect of the cone that are not at maximum hp and did not succeed their fortitude save take 1 point of Constitution damage. The wind of a Blood Moon Sirocco continues to blow from the origin point to the wide end of the cone for the duration of the spell. Any creature within this area is entitled a saving throw each round to ignore the effects of the blood sirocco.

Control RageϮ:
The wielder of Blood Moon can inspire rage (as a rage spell, but with a DC24 will save allowed to negate the effect) in all living creatures within 180 feet at will. Each creature gains a +6 morale bonus to Strength and Constitution, a +3 morale bonus on Will saves, and a -4 penalty to AC. This effect is otherwise identical to a barbarian’s rage ability except that the subjects are not fatigued at the end of the rage. If a creature has the rage ability and his bonuses when raging are greater than those given hear, it can use its other bonuses instead. The save DC is charisma based. This is a mind affecting compulsion effect. An affected creature can end its rage by making a DC 24 will save. The wielder of Blood Moon can end the rage for any number of creatures prematurely, without affecting other raging creatures. It can also end a rage caused by any other effect, such as a barbarian’s rage ability and in that case the barbarian would become fatigued. The wielder can end the rage for a creature who has gone beyond its normal hit points into those granted by the rage, likely killing it. This effect lasts for a 1 round per Hit Die of the affected creature.

Artifact 2: Mask of the Star-Gazer
When the Mask is not worn, it appears as if made of thick marble, but when it is brought to the face of a living creature it activates its power and melds with their flesh. The mask can only be removed on the night of a New Moon.
Those who done the Mask of the Star-Gazer undergo an incredible physiological transformation. There skin glows white as the full moon, and their body is set on fire with white hot flames that burn as if in slow motion, and flow with their movements as if underwater. These flames work as if the warier of the Mask were under permanent effect of Fairy Fire at night or in shadowy illumination but not during the day or while illuminated by some light source. In fact, during the day or while in range and illuminated by another light source, the flames provide no illumination of their own (at night/shadowy illumination they provide torchlight illumination). At all times the Logan can see threw the eyes of the wearier and the wearier has the fallowing abilities:
• Immunity to magical sleep, poison and disease
• Light fortification
• Blindsense 30 ft.
The Mask grants the fallowing abilities only during the night or while in shadowy illumination:
• Elemental Traits
• Immolation AuraϮ (special, at will)
• Searing Light (special, once per round)
• Star fallϮ (special, once per hour)
• +6 Strength and Dexterity
• Spell resistance 18
• Fly speed 60 ft. (perfect)
The Mask grants these abilities only during the day or while illuminated by some source of light (the flames of the mask to not qualify as a light source for this purpose):
• Incorporeal traits
• Permanent Invisibility
• True seeing
• Fly speed 20 ft. (perfect)
The first special ability (Immolation AuraϮ), when activated, causes the white flames that outline your profile, to grow in size and move more rapidly as real fire would. The aura provides bright illumination in a 30 foot radius around the character, and shadowy illumination for an additional 30 feet beyond that.
Creatures that take penalties in bright light also take them while within the radius of the bright aura. In addition, undead creatures within the radius of bright light take a -2 penalty on attack rolls, damage rolls, and saving throws. All creatures (allies and enemies) take 3d6 fire damage so long as they are within the bright illumination. Activating the Immolation Aura is a free action that dose not provoke attacks of opportunity. While the aura is active, the Mask warier casts spells with the light descriptor at +2 caster level. The Immolation AuraϮ is the equivalent of a 7th-level spell with the light descriptor for the purpose of interaction with spells and effects with the darkness descriptor.
The second special ability of the Mask (Searing Light) allows the warier to cast Searing Light as the spell as a standard action once every 1d4 rounds as long as the Immolation Aura is active. Treat the character’s caster level for this effect as equal to their highest divine caster level, including the +2 caster level adjustment for the Immolation AuraϮ, but with a minimum caster level of 5.
The third special ability (Star Fall) allows the warier to cast Star FallϮ as the spell (see below) once every hour as long as the Immolation AuraϮ is active (deactivating and reactivating the aura dose not reduce the time between castings). Treat the character’s caster level for this effect as equal to their highest divine caster level, including the +2 caster level adjustment for the Immolation AuraϮ, but with a minimum caster level of 5.

Star Fall Ϯ
Level: Cleric 9
Casting Time: full round action
Range: Medium (100ft. +10 ft./level)
Effect: Asteroid storm
Area: 5-ft. radius burst
Duration: Instantaneous; plus concentration (see text)
Saving Throw: Reflex half; see text
Spell Resistance: No

You conjure several bright glowing comets which appear in midair above your enemies, then strake the ground whit tremendous force and a thunderous boom.

You conjure 1d6 burning balls of fire and ice that immediately fall to the ground, dealing 1d6 points of damage per caster level (maximum 10d6) to everything in the area. The force of comets can also knock creatures over. Creatures who fail their saving throw must make a second or fall prone. Creatures who succeed on their saving throw take half damage from the comet and are not knocked down.
Each comet brakes apart on impact, filling the 10-foot-square area with dense rubble (DMG p90). The comets ignore hardness for purposes of damaging buildings and other structures, but not smaller items such as equipment.
The spell lasts for as long as you concentrate on it (maximum six rounds) or until twenty comets have fallen. Concentrating on the spell is a full round action. You must cast this spell with at least 40 feet of vertical space above the point of impact. If you do not have 40 feet of space the spell fails. However the comets can fall from as much as a 20 degree angle. If this would allow the comet a 40 foot origin, it dose not have to fall straight down to strike its target. Should you choose to use this option, all the comets must fall at the same angel and same direction as the first. Comets in the same round can not fall in the same square.


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