20 Wizard Levels
20 Bard Levels
16 Deity Ranks
Favored weapon:

Silqelath is a very gregarious god fascinated by the many intricate workings of the world she spawns. As the tide rises and falls so dose Silqelath’s chaotic alignment sway from good to evil. Shipmasters pray to her but sometimes find themselves blessed by calm seas and yet other times victims of her unpredictable wrath. Though she first created the Merkind, she also cherishes the lives of her more land locked children. She sometimes appears to them as a beautiful woman clothed in seaweed and white dress, with long legs, arms, and hair that shimmers in the light. To her aquatic worshipers she appears as a giant squid or sometimes an elemental storm of furious swirling sand, rock, and other components of the ocean floor.

The goddess of treasure, and the tide. Creator of the Gnomes and the Merfolk. Silqelath delights in the splendor of many small things, and the tiny perfections procured by them.

Many Gnomes grow fearful of their goddess and learn to stay away from the unpredictable sea. Moving inland they only further incur her wrath and for this reason few Gnomes ever return to their homelands. It is said by the gnomes that when Silqelath sleeps her thoughts wonder across the skies. These thoughts carry her dreams over the lands in the form of rain.

Layer Orb:

Artifact 1: The spear Tarsonaz


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