20 Fighter Levels
20 Martial Levels
18 Deity Ranks
Favored weapon: Short Broadsword

Sol is Lawful Neutral. Though the gods of law view each other as equals Sol often takes the initiative when a leader is needed. For his unshakable valor he is viewed as the chief god of law. He is a warrior god and a expert strategist. In every task Sol takes on he is devoted and unyielding. Sol dose not like to sit idly and is always advancing some new plan or reinforcing a strategy already in motion. He is quick to befriend mortals glad to be viewed as their hero. He seeks to give hope to all forms of life. Sol usually comes as a great white tiger when offering wisdom or guidance in battle, but some times he appears as a sword wielding giant or a prismatic dragon.

A mighty god of courage and dreams. As a god valor and war he teaches his followers to show no fear; to never surrender and never give up. To be unyielding is the way of Sol. To apply ones self completely, sacrificing all else to achieve ones goals. As a god of hope and dreams Sol carries the prayers of warriors far from home on sympathetic winds to their families and loved ones. Dreams are Sol’s gift to mortals helping them to understand their true desires. His worshipers learn to fallow the courage of their hearts, and never to give in to doubt or sorrow. They are taught to overcome all fears and their nightmares are visions projected from their souls testing their fortitude.

Layer Orb:

Artifact 1: Two Swords Valdrasnear
Valdrasnear is actually two identical short broad swords that can be connected at the base of each hilt two form a more powerful two-bladed sword. Valdrasnear (short broad sword): +10 Defending, Holy, lawful twin blades are indestructible, and cannot be disarmed when in the hands of Sol. The swords themselves do not posses a sheath but at the will of the user they vanish only to be summoned on a whim into the users hands. Summoning the swords is a swift action that is so instantaneous the owner of Valdrasnear may be considered armed with the swords at all times, so long as the wielder posses two free hands. Valdrasnear (two-bladed sword): +20 Holy power, lawful power, keen, ever dancing, brilliant, vorpal weapon can not be wielded without the Spirit Gauntlet (see below). Should one try to unify Valdrasnear without the wearing the gauntlet their body dies instantly and their soul is destroyed utterly with no chance of revival, and everything within 50ft of the connection receives 200d6 points of divine damage, after words the swords again separate with no designated owner.

Artifact 2: Spirit Gauntlet


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