20 Shadow Caster Levels
20 Cleric Levels
18 Deity Ranks
Favored weapon:
Long Bow

Even in her best moods, Valejn is solemn and never smiling. She can best relate to beings who have suffered from loss usually of loved ones or fellow companions. She is almost always is in material form seeking the company of her undying followers. Valejn is a beacon of sorrow for others to fallow. She appears as an angelic figure with black wings and pale purple skin. Valejn also appears in an alternate form with onyx skin and brilliant white wings, often when in the company of undead. For this reason she is called the sister goddess. These two forms are seen as reflections of each other or twin goddesses. When ever Valejin speaks two voices can be heard.

Avatar of woe. Mistress of the undead. Goddess of crows and ashes. Creator of the Elves. Misery loves company and the souls of the dead flock to her for immortality, companionship or sometimes a second chance.

Layer Orb:

Artifact 1: Black Valentine
This +10 Composet (+5) Great bow has no range increment and there for can attack any target as long as you have line of sight. It also pulls no arrow from any quiver but rather manifests arrows of bone at the will of the user. Such arrows loosed from Black Valentine bestow two negative levels, one point of ability drain to all abilities, ignores any damage reduction and an additional 2d10 divine damage. All of witch multiplies on critical hits and provides no saving throw. Creatures slain by Black Valentine are raised 1d4 rounds later as undead ghosts forever under the control of whom ever wields Black Valentine. Additionally the bow may be activated to produce the following spell like abilities:


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